PTFE Membranes

Why choose a PTFE membrane?

Uncoated PTFE membranes are available in the market. However, these can be prone to leakage problems in use due to contamination of either body oils from sweat or washing agents during the laundry process. These contaminants can change the surface tension of the PFTE, which then allows water to wick through in use.

PIL offer PTFE membranes combined with novel cross-linked surface coating. This ensures enhanced wash and waterproofness in use. The function of the cross-linked coating is to stop contamination of the PTFE structure. In addition it can enhance other properties such as chemical and viral resistance.

Benefits of PIL PTFE membranes

PTFE membranes benefit from a number of features which enable them to be used in a variety of applications, including military, firefighting and EMS. The membranes high and low temperature resistance means the user is protected from extreme environmental conditions.

The waterproof and breathable nature of the membrane allow the user to remain dry and at a consistent temperature in demanding situations, and Porelle PTFE's proven track record illustrates the membranes reliability and durability.

How PTFE membranes work


Different uses for PTFE Membranes

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