Plastoprint dry offset printing blanket

Plastoprint is specifically designed for use on dry offset printing systems for the container and closure industries, be they pail printers, pot printers, cup printers, lid printers, cap printers or closure printers.

Plastoprint dry offset printing blanket is suitable for printing on a variety of substrates: PP, PS, EPS, HIPS, ABS, HDPE, LDPE and other plastics used in the manufacture of thin-walled, pre-formed plastic containers, both round and out-of-round, such as stadium cups, yoghurt pots, paint pails/buckets, noodle pots and yellow fat containers/tubs.


Sidewall printing blankets

Our product is used worldwide, every day on a wide variety of sidewall printers, including, Van Dam, Polytype, Kase, Desco, Moss, Omso as well as on machines now manufactured in India and the P.R China.


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