Plastoprint dry offset printing blankets for thin-walled packaging

Plastoprint’s unique construction of 100% aromatic polyester polyurethane means that it is a highly abrasion-resistant, long-life blanket. The white printing surface of our printing blanket enables fast make ready times and accurate registration. With an open-cell compressible construction the Plastoprint printing blanket accommodates uneven or irregular wall thicknesses sometimes associated with thermo-formed pots.


Benefits of using Plastoprint printing blanket for pot and pail printing:

  • The blanket is non-directional: it can be cut either way round thereby reducing wastage when converting.
  • Good anti-static properties: less need for wash-ups than with traditional rubber blankets.
  • Resistant to both UV- and IR-curing inks.
  • Plastoprint is easily cleaned using Isopropylalcohol (IPA), though acetone, when used sparingly, is very effective.
  • H.S. Code: 3921 13 10 Polyurethane sheet

Plastoprint printing blankets roll sizes

  • 25m roll 1150 x 1.40mm
    25m roll 1150 x 1.90mm (available in choice of white or grey printing surface)
  • 10m roll 1000 x 3.20mm
  • 10m roll 1000 x 3.50mm
  • 10m roll 1000 x 3.90mm
  • Shore A hardness : 60°- 65°

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