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Leather for Safety Footwear

Specifically formulated for the highest performance needs, Permair Protector is used extensively in the workplace for both industrial safety footwear and for occupational footwear. Permair Protector is ideally suited to safety footwear applications due to its physical performance and chemical resistant properties.

Permair Protector Benefits

Our Protector membrane offers performance benefits, which include;

  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Chemical resistance – See chemical resistance table - link
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High WVP providing enhanced comfort to the wearer
  • Excellent cold crack resistance
  • EN344 compliant

We have an established international customer base and we are proud to work with some of the world’s best known safety footwear brands and manufacturers.

Permair Protector is a specialist finish, which is applied to leather in a way that enables it to meet the legal requirements of EN344.

Protector outperforms many conventional leathers, in some of the most demanding environments.

For footwear not required to meet EN344 standards, Permair Prestige is the suggested finish. With performance characteristics, such as waterproof, easy clean and durable, it is particularly suitable for security, public service, uniformed personnel and occupational sectors, working in ever-changing climatic environments.

Our promoted product for safety and hiking footwear is Permair Protector.

Our promoted product for occupational specialist footwear is Permair Prestige.

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