Microporous Membrane

Why choose a microporous membrane?

PIL’s microporous membranes are hydrophobic, breathable and lightweight for use in a variety of applications such as accessories, footwear and garments. Users benefit from remaining dry when they are exercising, ideal for sport and leisure markets, and are protected from nature's toughest conditions including wind, rain and extreme temperatures, ideal for military, industrial and firefighting conditions.

Microporous membranes prevent the user from feeling ‘clammy’ which is often the result when hydrophilic membranes are erroneously employed. In tough situations, having garments and footwear which keep you dry at all times is important for the user if the outside temperature drops or if they stop exercising.

Benefits of microporous membranes

PIL microporous membranes are hydrophobic (water hating) and resist the passage of water, even under high pressure. They are based on a polyurethane chemistry and are constructed from many small interconnecting micro pores less than 1 μm in diameter.

The unique combination of microstructure and polyurethane chemistry ensures that PIL microporous membranes remain waterproof in use, even after repeated washes or steam sterilisation.

PIL microporous membranes are available in thickness options: 30, 45 and 55 μm

How microporous membranes work


How PIL use Microporous Membranes

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