Hydrophilic Membranes

Why use PIL hydrophilic membranes?

PIL hydrophilic membranes are available in 3 different technology options: polyurethane, TPU and cross-linked membranes.

Hydrophilic membranes from PIL Membranes have a solid structure that physically stops water passing through the membrane. They breathe by absorbing and dissipating sweat through the diffusion of water vapour molecules.

The chemical structure of the membrane is made up of hydrophilic (water loving) groups that attract water vapour molecules. Driven by greater heat and water vapour density, the water vapour molecules move from one hydrophilic group to the next (somewhat like stepping stones).

PIL hydrophilic membranes are available in different thickness options ranging from 12 to 40 microns.

Benefits of our hydrophilic membranes

Hydrophilic membranes benefit from a solid structure which stops the passage of water through the membrane. The membrane is therefore extremely waterproof and is ideal in garments and footwear which are exposed to snow, wind and rain. The user also benefits from the membrane being very soft and flexible, enabling it to be used in

smaller accessories or garments, and is lightweight ensuring the users performance is not impeded in any way. It is recommended for garment and footwear manufacturers as specific breathability test methods suit hydrophilic membranes.

How hydrophilic membranes work


How we use hydrophilic membranes

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