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PIL Membranes specialise in the development of membrane systems used by worldwide manufacturing companies, particularly in the production of garments & accessories, footwear, filtration and medical products. Membranes can be developed to meet specific applications and shapes, satisfying manufacturers requirements.

Using chemistries that are tuned to give high performance results, PIL Membranes produce a wide variety of membranes for use in high-end markets to supply a wide variety of waterproof and breathable membranes. Our membranes are also resistant to high temperatures and are extremely durable.


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PIL Membrane Technologies

Producing waterproof, breathable and durable membranes for a range of industries, with specialist membranes depending on
the application.

PIL produce the following types of membranes:


Microporous water hating polymer. Interconnecting pore structure that is connected by less than one micron holes. Polymer does not swell with moisture and will not feel clammy.

Waterproof microporous membranes


Hydrophilic membranes are water loving highly breathable polymers. Light, soft and chemically resistant, the hydrophilic membranes become more breathable under higher ambient humidity.

Breathable hydrophilic membranes


PTFE bi component two layer membrane product. Supplying a highly breathable hydrophilic polyurethane intimately bonded with a expanded PTFE membrane layer. PIL PTFE membranes are resistant to chemicals and low temperatures.

Chemical resistant PTFE membranes


Porelle Membranes are a range of membranes engineered for high performance use in medical, military, and sports applications.


Microporous membrane designed to substitute the top layer of quality grain leather. Available in a range of different grains and colours, scuff resistant and wipe clean.


Our dry offset printing blanket is in daily use around the world on all types of side wall printers, lid printers and closure printers. Suitable for printing on a variety of substrates.


Porelle Inserts produces lining membranes for application in gloves and hat inserts. Making products that are waterproof, breathable and comfortable for users.

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